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Nature experience and rejuvenation

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“Look for a tree and let it teach you calmness”

Eckhart Tolle


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  • Slow down
  • Oxygenate yourself
  • Taking the time
  • Find yourself

Take time to take time…

Need to slow down, compared to the fast pace of the week? Need to be with your significant other in a rejuvenating setting?


Take a 100% relaxing break andoxygenate your mind as much as your lungs!

Here, you will take the time to admire, share and experience quality moments.

We suggest a few activities conducive to relaxation and disconnection:

A boat ride on the river to let yourself be soothed by the lapping of the water.

A nature walk in the heart of the typical villages of the Soissonnais Valois.

A sensory tour for a discovery that will awaken your senses and simply take the time to marvel and escape.

Idea of

nature walk

Valley Banks

A stroll along the water, the river your walking companion…

A feeling of well-being thanks to the lapping of the water and this privileged natural setting.

Perfect for river lovers.

Between Vénizel and Villeneuve, the Aisne has been canalised. This carefree walk follows its banks, allowing you to daydream in front of the spectacle of barges at the great lock of Villeneuve, before returning to the wooded mound of the Moulin.

Download the “Valley Banks” hiking sheet


The ideal activity for you


Sensory discovery with Isabel, relaxologist guide

An amazing immersion during which all the senses will be invited.

Take the time to admire, to be fully present in front of the majestic silhouette

of one of the most symbolic monuments of the City of Vase or in the heart of an arboretum.

“Visit by your senses”, touch, smell…. or savourduring a gourmet tasting.

Come and live a sensory experience and discover differently, differently.
An opportunity to really take the time to appreciate the beauty of what surrounds you.

Book your private sensory discovery!”

Book at the Greater Soissons Tourist Office:

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