Little girl playing in the grass < SoissonsLittle girl playing in the grass < Soissons
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The best spots to put your plaid

Family picnic

Simple moments of sharing

Family Picnic near Soissons

As soon as the nice weather arrives, the same question comes up: where’s the best place for a fun picnic? Here are a few places in Greater Soissons to set down your picnic basket and let the kids run around and have fun safely. Picnic with children, picnic at the beach, we tell you everything!

By Raphaëlle

Raphaëlle is a thrill-seeker and a lover of all kinds of leisure activities. She whispers to you her good plans to live the GrandSoissons to the fullest! To know "the place to be", it's her.

The intrepid party girl!
  • Have fun with friends and family
  • Discovering "little corners of paradise
  • Nature and old stones
A lunch box

with local colors!

Let us tell you about the good products of the region

For a well-balanced picnic with local flavors, here are some good plans:

Come up with a menu based onfresh local fruits and vegetables. To do so, visit the covered market hall in Soissons every Wednesday and Saturday morning. You’ll find early adopters who are proud and respectful of their products. The market is also the rendezvous of quality caterers, cheesemongers and butchers who are constantly offering small tastingsso that you can make the best choice according to your desires.

In front of the hall, don’t hesitate to come and see us by making a quick detour through the Tourist Office shop.

You will find local products that will be perfect for your menu, such as thefamous Soissons bean to be pecked at as an appetizer, whether marinated in Espelette pepper, or seasoned with paprika. We also offer Picardy chips,terrines, and even some sweet treatsfor dessert! You will have understood, there is something for everyone!”

In search of refreshments?Try the fruit juices and craft beers elaborated with taste and authenticity.

The places of


  • The Abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes
  • The banks of the Aisne River in Soissons
  • St. Crispin Park
  • Horticulture Garden

  • Coupaville Park
  • Septmonts Keep Park
  • Banks of the Aisne at Pommiers (near the bridge)
  • The arboretum at Fort de Condé
  • The Malva pond (Retz forest)

  • The Axo Plage leisure center at Monampteuil
  • The Ourcq canals at La Ferté-Milon
The essential accessories

for a picnic


First of all, equip yourself with a good plaid, because a good, big and comfortable plaid is the basis for a perfect picnic!

Next, think about what you’ll need for the meal: covers, small napkins, plates if needed, glass and of course something to eat and drink.

A pair of glasses, comfortable shoes, a hat for everyone and acamera to capture your discoveries and sharing moments.

For your little ones, don’t forget to bring ball, rackets, card gameor any other fun game to play together (or keep them occupied, while you “laze” in the sun).

GrandSoissons and its neighbors offer you exceptional sites, in the heart of nature, so don’t hesitate to disconnect to take full advantage of these special moments!

Why it's fun

Family sharing / Ideal with children

It lasts 1h to 1/2 day

Discovery of local products