Hiking in Retz forest < Retz forestHiking in Retz forest < Retz forest
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Family walk in the heart of the

Retz forest

One of the most beautiful forests around Paris, the Retz forest

Hikers in search of fresh air, tribes on a stroll, or lovers of greenery… Take a nature break near Soissons.

By Marie-Christine

Soissonnaise for 27 years, she makes you discover the essential sites of the territory, but also the unsuspected richnesses of the GrandSoissons

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Take a break


a break...

A total disconnect

Need a big breath of fresh air, we have the perfect solution to recharge your batteriesin the space of a few hours! In the heart of the forest of Retz, enjoy more than 560 kilometers of forest roads and lanes, which complement 60 kilometers of forest roads. You might as well say that for nature lovers, the Retz forest constitutes an infinite playground!!


As is often the case, the forest is a place conducive to the imagination. P share here with your children the manylegends of witches, devils, but also Kings, this forest having been attached to the royal domain since the 13th century!

Memories of the

Great War

The Mangin offensive

A high historical place!

Even isolated in the heart of Nature, the great History is never far away.

This forest was indeed, since 1914, at the heart of the fighting of the Great War. French, British and Germans were many to lose their lives there during the conflict.

Today you will still notice in the detours of your walks, witnesses of this history as military cemeteries, steles or memorials.

The most impressive witness of the First World War on the territory is undoubtedly the faithful reconstruction of General Mangin’s observation tower, a place not to be missed, during a walk in the forest with the children.

In July 1918, General Mangin launched from a high tower 25 meters high, the Allied counteroffensive that precipitated the end of the Great War.

Today that tower has been reconstructed to its original form, and you can now climb to its top to admire the entire area, sailing over the canopy as if on an ocean of plant life.

The ascent of the tower is punctuated by many activities and educational panels and sound recordingsthat will allow your children to gain a better understanding of the nature and riches of the Retz en Valois territory!”

We whisper to you

our secrets

Are you looking to combine history, fresh air, and family discovery? We recommend the hike “La Tour d’Observation du Général Mangin”. A 4.7km route that will allow you to reconcile disconnection, learning and real moments of sharing as a family!”


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