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Go greenin stroll mode

Go green with a walk

Need nature around Paris?

Look no further: Le GrandSoissons offers you a real green setting in which emerge villages of character, authentic islands of minerality between wooded valleys and agricultural plateaus.

You’re in a big city, or close to Paris, Come and recharge your batteries and put yourself in the green near Soissons.

Fatigued with being cooped up? We have thought of you and your need to take a breath of fresh air!

Here are a few ideas for walks to enjoy the sun while discovering the riches of GrandSoissons!

By Raphaëlle

Raphaëlle is a thrill-seeker and a lover of all kinds of leisure activities. She whispers to you her good plans to live the GrandSoissons to the fullest! To know "the place to be", it's her.

The intrepid party girl!
  • Have fun with friends and family
  • Discovering "little corners of paradise
  • Nature and old stones
Stroll on the banks of the

the river Aisne

A green axis in the heart of Soissons

The banks of the Aisne River offer an ideal walk along the river. From the city center to the lock, let yourself be carried by the lapping of the water, nothing more soothing and rejuvenating!

Lay down your plaid for an impromptu lover’s picnic, a real wellness break and experience a “chlorophilic” interlude with your family. Scooters, outdoor games will please the children!

Course available at the Tourist Office



Soisson Strolls

Want to explore the city as a whole on a sunny day? Here’s the tour for you!”

Take a stroll through the streets of the city center. Follow the fleur-de-lis laid out on the ground, which will guide you from antiquity to the present through the streets of Soissons.

Unusual walk with the street artist C215

The famous street artist, C215, has created 25 portraits scattered throughout the city. An unusual way to discover the great figures of French history, but also the celebrities and personalities who have left their mark on local history.


Routes available at the Tourist Office

Strolls in the GrandSoissons

Oxygenate yourself

Pasly’s hiking trails

Here, nature holds all its promises, there’s sunshine and foxes! … or deer. Do you know a little, a lot, a lot about “ordinary” nature? Let’s take the time to look closely!!

Pasly’s tours pass through diverse environments that will allow you to encounter a variety of flora and fauna.

The creutte trail

The washhouse

The garenne

The windmill

The hardrets

The Grand Tour


Hiking in the GrandSoissons

Download your hiking tours around Soissonson the official website for hiking in Aisne. On foot, by bike, there’s something for everyone!

The Mounts of Soissons, 19 km – 6h30

Around the dungeon of Septmonts, 3,4 km – 1h

The Aisne by bike: from Soissons to Coucy le Château, 59 km – 6h

Valley banks, 10.8 km – 2h45

Sick rudder trails, 1.3 km – 40 min

Les Chouettes, 11.8 km – 4h

La pierre à sel, 16 km – 6h

The Bishops’ Residence, 14.4 km – 4h

The Cuckoo Fountain, 7.5 km – 2h

The High Fields Paths, 9.4 km – 3h

La balade de Saint-Médard, 12 km – 3h45

Valley and valleys of the Soissonnais (V.T.T), 36.5 km – 6h30

Circuit Clovis (V.T.T), 23,5 km – 3h30

The ru of Juvigny (V.T.T), 21,6 km – 2h30



Why it's fun

To the green

Family sharing / Ideal with children

It lasts 1h to 1/2 day