Jardins De Pontarcher < AmblenyJardins De Pontarcher < Ambleny
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Fruit and vegetable picking at the

Pontarcher gardens

Fresh and seasonal products

Pick up your vegetables from the producer

Pick up your fresh fruits and vegetables near Soissons, go to Jardins de Pontarcher.


By Emilie

She gives you all the good addresses to taste the best products of the territory and discover the local know-how. Craftsmanship and "Made In Here" have no more secrets for her.

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An outing for all lovers

of the terroir and of "eating local"!

With the beautiful days, the Jardins de Pontarcher in Ambleny open their doors to you.

Alone, with your family, or with friends, don’t hesitate to come and take a tour to pick your own fruits and vegetables.

Kids will marvel at every moment… Tomatoes of all kinds, strawberries, salads, kale, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Thanks to Pontarcher Gardens, find the incomparable tasteof vine-ripened fruits and vegetables and the exceptional scents of a freshly picked bunch. The products of yesteryear take on their full meaning and taste of yesteryear here.

A place of production

of our flagship product

At Ambleny as in other properties in the Aisne Valley, the cultivation of the exceptional haricot de Soissons is being reborn over the years thanks to the work and passion of Sophie and François Demarest. This flavor that almost fell into complete oblivion is gradually finding its way back to our plates, to the delight of gourmands and epicureans!

If you don’t know this product, don’t hesitate to visit us at the Tourist Office, you will find it in all its forms here : Dried, marinated for the aperitif, in a cooked dish or even in jam, we promise you a discovery full of surprises!

If you can’t wait to come see us to bring back products in your suitcases, know that the Pontarcher Gardens have a shopwhere you will find this famous product.

In addition to our bean, emblematic of the Aisne Valley, you will find many other farm and local productsthat will undoubtedly seduce fine gourmets as well as budding gastronomes.

Here is an excellent way to export the gastronomic wealth and products of our age-old know-how!”

Notice to food lovers, there is no more time to lose!

We whisper to you

our secrets

Did you know that the Jardins de Pontarcher were members of the “Bienvenue à la ferme” network? So they offer educational tours for schoolchildren.

If you’re looking for an activity for your students, or if you know teachers who are short on inspiration, don’t hesitate!

Why is it nice?

Ideal with children

Discovery of local products

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