Sports, walking and playgrounds at the

Saint-Crépin Park

We like to meet our friends there to share good times

over a nice picnic

Marie and Alexis, inhabitants of Soissons, in love with bucolic and rural breaks between friends!

Saint-Crépin Park

A bit of history!

Created in the aftermath of the Great War, Saint-Crépin Park is today a real living space for the people of Soissons!

Located in a loop of the Aisne River, it houses some of the architectural elements of the city of Soissons.

Thus, you can salute the White Lady, a statue that was originally intended to be installed on the war memorial in Place Fernand Marquigny. This lightly clad statue features a sheaf of wheat symbolizing the agricultural wealth of the Soissons region. Initially intended to cover the monument on the Place Fernand Marquigny, behind the cathedral, it was replaced after the First World War by a quartet of men and women carrying the flame of remembrance. It was thus replaced in the Saint Crépin park.

Near the watering hole hides the arch of the old bridge (1265), a remnant of the medieval bridge destroyed during the first world conflict.

Your Walk

St. Crispin Park offers an ideal playground for young and old! In the shade of the hundred-year-old trees, enjoy a walk, a picnic, a game of ball or petanque.

Children will be happy to take advantage of the park’s 3 play areas; each one being adapted to an age group: to them the slides, swing and giant spider.

For sports enthusiasts, the healthy fitness trail will be the perfect starting point for your jog; fitness equipment is available for your warm-up!

The skate park was created for our teenagers who love skateboarding, scootering and BMX; two handrails on two levels, a launch ramp, a quarter and a central module allow for acrobatics of all kinds!

The eye of the visitor

Just a stone’s throw from Parc Saint-Crépin, from March to October, enjoy an unusual experience at the cynodrome, the region’s only greyhound racing track! (program available on