Arboretum < Donjon of Septmonts < SeptmontsArboretum < Donjon of Septmonts < SeptmontsArboretum < Donjon of Septmonts < SeptmontsArboretum < Donjon of Septmonts < Septmonts
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A walk with exotic scents

The Arboretum of the Septmonts dungeon

Recharge your batteries in the heart of the arboretum of the Septmonts dungeon. Come and stroll in this park with its various species from all over the world, 100% green, 100% well-being, just a stone’s throw from Soissons.

Two leagues from Soissons, in a charming valley, an admirable châtelet is still perfectly habitable.

It is the most striking dwelling that you can imagine!


Victor Hugo, Letter to his wife Adele

The Septmonts Keep Arboretum

A bit of history!

Located in the castle grounds, the arboretum includes 9 areas planted with species of different geographical originsand is enriched each year with new trees put in place by the local children in the year of their 7th birthday.

In particular, the park offers visitors an apple orchard, a vineyard that rehabilitates the local wine heritage, as well as a garden of aromatic plants!

In the past, it was at this location that the gardens, vineyards and garennes of the bishops were located.

Your visit

Barely arriving at the feet of the keep, the wooded expanse of the arboretum looms in the background of this “admirable châtelet,” said Victor Hugo, worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales!”

Pass through the arches or cross directly over the moat to find yourself in the woods. Walk along the walkways and discover the different areas of the site.

The parts closest to the keep include species from North America, Asia and especially Japan, not to mention an apple orchard for the little gourmands who pass by in the right season!

As you progress through the arboretum, you arrive in the more common part devoted to European species.


Then, when you are in the heart of it, you enter 2 more original areas, one of which is partly reminiscent of the famous local winegrowing past by making the most of the vine shoots. The other zone is dedicated to the Orient. Essences with exotic scents will intoxicate you with their aromas and by their beauties.

Get out of the scents of the Orient. Do you smell resin, pine wood? These new and very specific smells that reach you are those of the pine forest, the penultimate area of the arboretum.

Finally, the biological reserve closes the stroll, rich in wonder, disorientation and oxygenation of course!

The eye of the visitor

This arboretum is located in the heart of one of the most beautiful typical villages of GrandSoissons! It is an exceptional place that calls for serenity and disconnection in the hollow of a green valley where time seems to have stopped.

During your walk, take the time to admire the ten or so remarkable trees found in the first parts of the site. (Platanus orientalis, Sophora japonica, Fagus sylvatica “purpurea, Platanus x acenifolia, Robinia pseudoacacia, Picea abies, Ginkgo biloba).

Do not hesitate to ask for the detailed map of the arboretum to help you find them. It is available free of charge at the Office de Tourisme du GrandSoissons.