Donjon de Septmonts < Septmonts
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Climb to the top of the

dungeon of Septmonts

A breathtaking view!

A magical place to have fun and discover with your family, nestled in the heart of the Soissons region! The former residence of the bishops opens its doors to you!

Two leagues from Soissons, in a charming valley, an admirable châtelet is still perfectly habitable. It is the most striking dwelling that you can imagine!

Victor Hugo, Letter to his wife Adele

The keep of Septmonts

A little history!

The castle of Septmonts was the residence of the bishops of Soissons since the XIIth century. Of the part built at this period under the orders of Jacques Bazoches remains the room known as Saint-Louis which housed the chapel. Simon de Bucy, bishop between 1362 and 1404, anxious to protect the population, gave the castle its current configuration as a fortress; then appeared the keep and the square tower.

The ensemble will be slightly reworked and modernized in the XVth and XVIth centuries with, in particular, the construction of the Renaissance dwelling, now transformed into a reception hall.

Your visit

A few miles from Soissons,in a green setting at the gates of the Crise valley, discover the charming village of Septmonts! Soissonnais limestone, “sparrow-stepped” houses, and the charm of the small streets make this place a preserved village perfect for disconnecting from everyday life, escaping and enjoying the surrounding calm.

Enter the park of the Donjon and discover the latter, imposing, majestic and magical.

To admire the view from the top of the tower and its 47 meters, go through the 4 rooms that mark the climb and the different panoramas that are revealed, always more breathtaking!

Have you found the sign of Victor Hugo’s passage? He engraved in these walls, his first name as well as that of Juliette Drouet, his companion in one of the rooms of the dungeon in 1835!

Exit the Keep, lengthen the moat and extend your walk in the Arboretum laid out in the park in 1998. It offers a green setting leading you from the apple orchard in the former bishops’ garden, to the vineyard reminiscent of the local winegrowing heritage through the aromatic plant garden.

Just across from the Keep, discover the Saint Andrew’s church which has an exceptional and very rare polychrome rood beam, sculpted with medallions representing the twelve apostles.

To not miss anything, enjoy a walk of about 3.5 km and discover the magnificent panorama that is offered to you with an unobstructed view of the keep and the church!

The eye of the visitor

Hand in hand, take advantage of this enchanting setting to stroll with your soul mate! Prepare a picnic, comfortable blanket, petits fours and a glass of champagne (to be consumed in moderation) at the foot of this enchanting dungeon.