Château < Berzy-le-Sec
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The castle

of Berzy-le-Sec

Restore the local heritage!

The castle of Berzy-le-Sec

Medieval castle built between the XVII th and XVI th century, the castle of Berzy-le-Sec is the mini Guédelon of the Soissonnais Valois!”

Dominating the charming valley of the Crise, the castle of Berzy-le-Sec was erected from the 12th century.

In the summer period, when you enter the courtyard of the castle, you are immediately transported back in time to the medieval era. Discover and exchange with passionate artisans who bring back to life the trades of yesteryear: carpentry, joinery, stone-cutting, ceramics, locksmithing, ironwork and even medieval goldsmithing.

You will be amazed by these age-old skills, which the volunteers of the ASPAM association (Association for the Safeguarding of the Heritage of Southern Aisne) will be delighted to present to you, and to share with as many people as possible!


After the castle of Berzy le Sec, what if you moved up a gear? The medieval world in all its excess awaits you at the castle of Coucy, a short half-hour drive north of Berzy-le-Sec.

Practical information

Opening hours:

The castle of Berzy le Sec opens its doors to you on the occasion of the events and workcamps organized annually

by the Association for the Safeguarding of the Heritage of Southern Aisne and also during the Heritage Days!

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For all information:

Association de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine de l’Aisne Méridionale (ASPAM)

1, place Roger Ambroise

02200 Berzy-le-Sec



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