Castle < La Ferté-MilonCastle < La Ferté-Milon
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The castle

of la Ferté-Milon

The former castle of the Dukes of Orleans

The castle of La Ferté-Milon

Discover the castle of Louis of Orleans, dating from the 14th century. It retains an imposing facade that overlooks the birthplace of Jean Racine.

Here you are at the last stop on your journey from castles to dungeons. And it is not the least!”

On the banks of the Ourcq River, in a wooded valley, the facade of the former castle of the Dukes of Orleans overlooks the town of La Ferté Milon. From the terrace that the castle offers you, enjoy an exceptional panorama on one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Built by the Duke of Orleans at the end of the 14th century, this castle was never completed. Indeed, the assassination of the Duke of Orleans in 1407 put an end to the work. During the wars of religion, Henri IV had the fortress dismantled, of which only its imposing facade remains.

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The castle “the ruins”

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