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The monuments of GrandSoissons in

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Virtual tours of the monuments of GrandSoissons

GrandSoissons is full ofheritage treasures, which are not necessarily accessible to the largest number of people, often for conservation reasons. That’s why digital tools can help discover them through a virtual tour. Tags embedded throughout these tours will also give you access to augmented content, such as illustrations. As of October 2019, the ancient holdings of the City Library is thus accessible, and as of February 2020, it is the St. Medard Crypt that all can visit in this way. You can thus immerse yourself in the shelves and leaf through the pages of the most beautiful manuscripts or wander through the Saint Médard crypt, following in the footsteps of the sons of Clovis….

Discover also the the Fine Arts Room of the museum, with its exhibition devoted to Love as well as the Saint Leger Abbey, with its exhibition “The Rose and the Storm.” The museum also has a second site, l’Arsenal, where contemporary artworks are on display.

The catalog of virtual tours is growing as it goes: it is now possible to visit the St. Charles Chapel, and in particular admire its woodwork, as well The Church of Saint Peter, the only remnant of one of the most important female abbeys in Northern France.