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The world champion of jams !

Mary's gardens

Handcrafted creation of jams, jellies, chutneys and wine confits. Store located near Soissons in Aisne, delivery everywhere in France.

I wish to capture “little Proust’s madeleines”,

familiar smells from our daily lives, from our memories,

from our childhood, and to put them all together in a single jar of jam!”

Marie Maryns, the gardens of Marie

Les Jardins de Marie

A bit of history!

Is it to celebrate the Soissonnais country, which is her birthplace, or to express her love of neighbor and generosity that Marie Maryns has always devoted a passion to the culinary arts?

She has preferred the path of jams, confits and jellies that wends its way from orchards to wild berry bushes to the beaten path, sometimes with unparalleled talent, of roasts, sauces and pastries.

Each jar of Marie’s jam is an invitation to a culinary journey mixing local and exotic colors and scents, sometimes surprising, always succulent! Always anchored in her terroir, Marie lets herself be carried away by her crushes and her limitless imagination, which inspire her to make unlikely and daring marriages. Fruits, sugar, wine, vegetables, mushrooms, flowers, truffles and gold, are ingredients that mingle with delight in her copper containers, continuing a centuries-old tradition for the greatest pleasure of our taste buds!

It is moreover this know-how and originality that has earned her the title of world champion for these jams in 2012 and the Epicure d’Or award in 2014 as well as in 2015. Proof of her incomparable talent, Marie works with the greatest tables, the hotels Hotel Paris, the Maison Champs-Elysées or even the Relais et Châteaux les Crayères and even the table of the Elysée Palace!

Your visit

The Jardins de Marie boutique is without a doubt a must-see in GrandSoissons. Don’t leave without having put your feet or rather your nose and taste buds there!

Les Jardins de Marie is the art of pleasing by offering one of your loved ones exceptional artisanal jams. Or simply the irresistible desire to succumb to the delights of its jams. As soon as you walk through its doors, you’ll find that every taste will find its place! From the most classic, apricot or black cherry jams and jellies, to the more original strawberry and basil or clementine with honey, Marie offers delicate and simple flavors for “traditional” palets. For fine palates or looking for subtle and rarer flavors but also with character, let yourself be tempted by the range of chutney and wine confits, the champagne confits. Let yourself be surprised by exceptional flavors such as the black star of Russia made with vodka, the sauternes confit with truffles.

The eye of the visitor

It is sometimes difficult to decide in front of such a varied menu, a little tasting will probably help you make your choice, don’t hesitate if your heart is swinging!