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Taste our

local beers

Discovery of a know-how !

Taste the craft beers of the Soissonnais Valois

Passionate or simple amateurs of craft beers, do not hesitate to visit the brewers of the Soissonnais Valois for discoveries rich in taste! The Karadoc beer or the Grizdal beer are elaborated in micro breweries near Soissons by passionate people. Renaud and Jean-Louis welcome you for visits and tastings by appointment.

By Emilie

She gives you all the good addresses to taste the best products of the territory and discover the local know-how. Craftsmanship and "Made here" have no more secrets for her.

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Discoveries rich in taste

with our local brewers!

In addition to making great beers, our partners are both passionate…and particularly vocal if you ask them to talk a little bit about their passion.

We assure you that both of these encounters are truly worth the trip!

A family beer factory

The Grizdal Brewery

The Grizdal Brewery

On Saturdays, or during the week by appointment, you can visit the Grizdal Micro-Brewery in Ciry-Salsogne. Discover aindependent, family-run beer factory in the heart of the Val de l’Aisne.

Here, all the beers arebrewed traditionally, by hand, and with the help of a fork. As the seasons change, the beer is created with natural ingredients, without any flavor enhancers.

Grizdal beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized, refermented in the bottle on yeast lees, naturally carbonated.

So what you’ll taste is all natural, alive, and evolving… A treat!”

A culinary experience not to be missed. Don’t hesitate to stop by the Grizdal Brewery, we promise you a great discovery, a nice meeting, good exchanges, an excellent tasting, and most of all, a lot of good humor!

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Le Houblon Gourmand Brewery

La Karadoc

A few steps away from the Grizdal brewery, it is in Nanteuil-la-Fosse that the Karadoc Brewery also opens its doors to you.

Jean-Louis has been brewing beer there for 17 years and makes it a point of honor to value ultra-local products: malt-based with the brewery’s grown hops, honey from the beehives and also blackcurrants from the estate. Here, the Picardy region is valued at its true value!

He brews blond, dark or amber beer there, but also, with blackcurrant, honey, elderberry, spices, his creativity knows no limits!!

He too regulates his production, but not his explanations! A true enthusiast he is not stingy with anecdotes and explanations. Let’s even dare to say that he is inexhaustible about the fruits or herbs he adds to his brews!

We have only one piece of advice to give you: Go visit him to exchange with him, in the heart of his garden, and of course taste his excellent products!

Warning, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation

Why is it nice?

It’s local!

Apéro time !

Discovery of a know-how !