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100% local, with a standing ovation from Clovis!

The local farms

Good and local in your plate? It’s over here!

By Emilie

She gives you all the good addresses to taste the best products of the territory and discover the local know-how. Craftsmanship and "Made here" have no more secrets for her.

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The circuits courtsare on the rise. It is in the heart of Soissons that a store dedicated to local agricultural production opened its doors on April 30, at 47 rue Saint-Martin. A solidarity project, on the initiative of seven farming familiesdesiring to make available to the entire city local and fresh products, to create a relationship of trust between producers and consumers, and to convince of the benefits and quality of their products.

Meats from local producers, fruits and vegetables and many other flavors to discover!


The local farms


47 rue Saint-Martin.

Tel: 0323592265

The seven producers :

Séverine and Alexis COUVREUR (Rapeseed oil)
Florence and Sébastien Manscourt (Strawberry, vegetables and pork)
Hanna and Christian CESVET (Organic apples)
Thomas VECTEN (Poultry)
Christophe BENARD (honey)
Romain CINTRAT (potatoes)
Didier Cassemiche (saffron, soissons bean, coriander)

Why is it nice?

It’s local!

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