Soissons bean plants < Jardin du Haricot < oissonsSoissons bean plants < Jardin du Haricot < oissons
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The True Story of the

Soissons bean

Soissons Beans

Looking for a cooking recipe with an original and tasty vegetable, try Soissons Beans!

Young beans that had been planted in a greenhouse,

would lean during the day toward the door and rise again as night approached

Charles Bonnet, Works of natural history and philosophy

The Soissons bean

A little history!”

During the Hundred Years’ War, as a terrible plague epidemic ravaged the region, the Soissons people fled, taking their crops with them. But during their flight, many lost seeds. On their return, they find a field covered with beans, The humidity of the banks of the canal de La Crise favoring an exceptional harvest that allows to feed the whole population. This bean that became famous is during said bean “of Soissons”.

A little more history!

At the end of the 19th century, the lookout named LE PAON does not leave the tower of the Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais cathedral. He watches the city and the fires. This municipal official gets tired of the aridity of his stone platform. He brightens it up by sowing beans in boxes, placed along the railings. His plantings cling to the railing and crown the cathedral tower with amazing greenery.
This is real Soissons he tells his visitors!
And less of a joker than a naive poet, he never fails to add:

“God created the flower and told it Be Pink! He created the bean and said to it Be Sound! … and go in Peace!”

The lookout also distributes harvested beans to tourists in small burlap bags made during his free time.
Nearby the cathedral is a confectioner who is interested in our lookout and what he does. He develops a small machine to make candy that becomes the specialty of Soissons.


To discover our famous legume, go to the Bean Garden, each year the Brotherhood of the same name plants feet and harvests the famous bean in early autumn.

Every year at the end of September, the bean is celebrated as it should be during the “Bean Festival“; gourmet market, shows and a big parade in the streets of the city are organized throughout the weekend.

The eye of the taster!

Well known for its resistance to cooking, it will delight you as an aperitif, as a Soissoulet or even with cheese or dessert.

A culinary richness to discover or rediscover!