Escape Game < Four Gates < SoissonsEscape Game < Four Gates < Soissons
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Solve the riddle to get outThe Four Gates : escape game
You have one hour to

Solve the puzzle and get out … The Four Gates : escape game

By Aurélie

Her "thing" is to share the nice corners where art is expressed. Aurélie always knows where to be to live the GrandSoissons by taking the artists' entrance.

The artist, creator!
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the clock is ticking

“You have one hour, then it will be too late!”. The door closes, leaving you to your own devices. This is how this hour you will spend with friends at the Four Gates, the unmissable Escape Game Soissonnais.

In one of the 3 rooms offered, you will group into teams of 3 to 5 players, and attempt to solve the successive puzzles that will allow you to escape and come back victorious from your jaunt with friends!

Rely on each other’s talents and find the solutions that will allow you to overcome the trials and puzzles.

Fearful of not making it? Don’t worry, each room has a higher or lower level of difficulty so that everyone will find something to do and have a great time!”

Put your sense of observation and deduction skills to work, the Four Gates team develops puzzles and scenarios of the highest quality that will transport you to incredible worlds. The most perceptive among you will unravel the mysteries of one of the three rooms in the allotted time of one hour.

Victorious or not, we assure you that you and your friends will come out of this experience with the desire to solve the puzzles of this Escape Game again.

We whisper to you

our little secrets

Too easy for you? Did you solve them all in record time? Don’t worry, the Four Gates team renews its offer regularly, and will not fail to concoct new plots in ever more inventive universes so that you can confront new puzzles very soon!

Why is it nice?

Total immersion

Team logic!

3 rooms renewed regularly