Escape Game < Four Gates < SoissonsEscape Game < Four Gates < Soissons
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Solve the riddles!

The Four gates : Escape Game

You have one hour to attempt to escape and complete your mission…

The Four Gates Team

Escape Game The Four Gates

A taste of your adventure!

Hungry for an unusual way to experience your Soissonnais weekend? We have found the perfect activity for you! Come with friends or colleagues to challenge the FOUR GATES and try to extricate yourself from an incredible Escape Game.

Your adventure!”

This escape game in Soissons will take you back in time and allow you to be totally immersed in other times. Your intervention will undoubtedly change the course of history!

Put your sense of observation and your deduction mind on alert, the team of the FOUR GATES develops enigmas and scenarios of very high quality that will transport you into incredible universes. The most perspicacious among you will pierce the mystery of one of the three rooms in the allotted time of one hour, but all will come out of this experience with the desire to solve the puzzles of this Escape Game again.

That’s good timing, FOUR GATES has three rooms with distinct themes, enough to keep the fun going!”

Each room is set up for a team of 3 to 5 people. Ideal for groups of friends or team building. Don’t hesitate to come in large numbers to try to get through the thorny tests that await you!

The eye of the visitor

The entire Four Gates team regularly renews its three rooms, allowing everyone to come back and try their luck at the new riddles that will be offered to you!