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Discover Soissonswith C215
Street art

Discover Soissons with C215

Would you like to discover Soissons in an unusual way?

By Aurélie

Her "thing" is to share the nice corners where art is expressed. Aurélie always knows where to be to live the GrandSoissons by taking the artists' entrance.

The artist, creator!
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It all begins

with a heartbeat!

We suggest you attend in Soissons the unusual meeting of street-art and heritage.

During an unannounced trip in 2017, the artist C215, aka Christian Guémy, was charmed by the city of Soissons and more particularly not the site of the abbey Saint Jean des Vignes. We can only understand him!”

He then decided to return to leave a work on a door near the enclosure of the old abbey. It will be the first of a long series!

From the following year, he collaborates with the municipality and offers in the streets of the city 25 portraits, scattered throughout the city to discover the great figures of French history, but also celebrities and personalities who have marked the local history of their mark.


Soissons by its vases!

Kings and queens, painters, benefactors, writers, or even actors, the list of men, women… and animals immortalized on the walls of the city is long!

These works are mainly concentrated on the heart of the city. Do not hesitate to go and flush them out with friends or family, armed with your cameras. This quest will lead you to the main heritage sites of the city, some of which marked the history of France!!

The bravest will ride their bikes to go in search of the more peripheral works so as not to miss any!

We will be waiting for you at the Tourist Office to help you start your research by providing you with a visit plan that will allow you to optimize your discovery route!

We whisper to you

our secrets

All of these stencils are related to the city of Soissons, and with striking works that you can find at the cathedral or the municipal museum.

Don’t hesitate to drop by to find all these masterpieces that inspired C215 during his Soissons residency!

If you need more information or details, or if you can’t find all the works, come and ask us at the Tourist Office, we’ll be happy to help you complete this giant treasure hunt!

Happy walking!

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