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Cultural Scene

The Mail

The true artist does not copy nature, he interprets it.

Maurice Denuzière , Bahamas, III - A Lost Paradise (2007)

Le Mail Scène Culturelle

A must-see venue!

For more than 40 years now, Le Mail – Scène Culturelle has been the meeting place between the people of Soissons and live entertainment, whatever its form. This place has quickly established itself as a must-see in the cultural life of Soissons and the Greater Soissons.


Your visit

Every year, the Mail – Scène Culturelle offers its spectators an exceptional programming. From artists with an already established international reputation, to future greats, the public is each time dazzled by the performances submitted to them.

Music, dance, circus arts, humor, each spectator finds here a show adapted to his tastes and desires.

For several years, thanks to more and more shows adapted to all audiences, special attention is paid to conviviality and sharing cultural moments with the family.

The success is such from one year to the next that the public is always more faithful to come and applaud the artists!

So, do you take your tickets?

The eye of the visitor

Le Mail – Scène Culturelle is a human-sized venue at the gateway to the Paris region. It is therefore not uncommon to see exceptional artists performing here that we are more often used to seeing touring the Zeniths of France.

When they perform here, all the conditions are met for a perfect communion between the audience and the stage. An experience to be lived absolutely!