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To make your artistic sensibility vibrate

at the Arsenal

Creativity is contagious, give it a whirl.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

The Arsenal

A bit of history

Located on the site of Saint Jean-des-Vignes, the Arsenal and the nearby powder magazine are witnesses to the military occupation of the site of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes in the 19th century.

The acquisition of this former military arsenal by the municipality (in 1994) has enabled the initiation of a new policy in terms of temporary exhibitions and to host more punctuallycultural events(shows, concerts, performances) in a monumental setting with a stripped-down aesthetic. Now part of the departmental and regional museum landscape, the Arsenal (labeled a Musée de France in the same way as the Musée Saint-Léger and the CCEA) embodies the contemporary face of museums in Soissons.

Your visit:

Between educational activities related to exhibitions and workshops organized by the heritage department, let yourself be inspired here by an extraordinary heritage and artistic experience!

The eye of the visitor

With the Arsenal located halfway between the medieval spires of the abbey and the contemporary building housing the archaeological research center, the present is invited into the heart of the medieval abbey. Beyond a patrimonial shock, it is a real journey through time that is offered to us on this site!

Whether you come with your family or as a lover, take advantage of this exceptional site and let yourself be transported into the meanderings of time.