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“Thus hast thou done to the vase”

Clovis, king of the Franks!”

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Enter the legend!

More than a legend…a true story.

We all have a memory, however distant, of the famous legend of the Soissons Vase…


Just in case, a little reminder :

At the end of the 5th century, Clovis led a campaign against rebels to his authority. The spoils of these expeditions were then traditionally shared among the men of the Frankish army. The day after the battle of Soissons, Saint Remi, bishop of Rheims, asked Clovis to return a very precious vase which he particularly wanted and which had been looted by a soldier of the Frankish army. Clovis then expresses to his warriors the desire to obtain this object out of share, during the traditional sharing of this booty. A soldier then approaches and a blow of francisque, strikes the vase saying:

“You will have only what fate will grant you!”

The following year, Clovis reviews his warriors at the champ-de-Mars. Recognizing the one who had outraged him, he reproached him for having poorly maintained his weapons. He snatched them from him and threw them on the ground. The franc bends down to pick them up. Immediately, Clovis cracks his skull with a blow of the axe, declaring:

“Thus have you treated the Vase of Soissons! “
Cool ideas for

the explorers

The Saint-Léger Museum of Art and History

Immerse in the excavations and discover local life history!!

Would the famous Soissons vase be hiding there?

Carlo’sbookletsguide the children on their visit.

More info here

Back to the roots of history!


Enter one of the most symbolic places of the City of Vase:

the crypt of the ancient Saint-Medard Abbey, preserved royal tombs!


The Crypt Tours
The ideal activity for

arouse their curiosity

The Clovis Treasure Hunt:

in search of the vases of the City!

In stroll mode with your “dear little ones,”

find them!


Are you ready for a treasure hunt in search of the hidden vases in the city’s core?

Equipped with a booklet, your quest will consist of finding the “hidden” vases of Soissons.

A suitable activity during a family stroll…

  • Accessible to6-12 years old upon registration at the Tourist Office.
  • Price per treasure hunt: €2.50
  • Courses to be done freely and individually.

  • A surprise will reward victorious treasure hunters!”

Info and reservations: 03 23 53 17 37 / officedetourisme@agglo-soissonnais.com


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