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Around the keep of SeptmontsNature walk and picnic
In the family

Nature walk and picnic around the dungeon of Septmonts

A magical place to have fun and discover with your family, nestled in the heart of the Soissons region!

By Raphaëlle

Lover of thrills and leisure activities of all kinds, Raphaëlle whispers you her good plans to live the GrandSoissons to the fullest! If you want to know "the place to be" it's her !

The intrepid party girl
  • Have fun with friends and family!
  • Discover the little corners of paradise
  • Nature and old stones
Escape in the park of the castle

fairy tales

The former residence of the bishops opens its doors to you!

A few miles from Soissons, in a green setting at the gates of the Crise valley, discover the charming village of Septmonts! Soissonnais limestone, “sparrow-stepped” houses, and the charm of the small streets make this place a perfect preserved village to disconnect from the daily grind, get away and enjoy the surrounding calm.


Enter the grounds of the Keep and see it, imposing and majestic.

Worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales, we can totally imagine a princess with long hair from the top of her tower waiting for her prince charming!

To admire the view from the top of the tower and its 47 meters, cross the 4 rooms that mark the climb and the different panoramasthat are revealed, always more stunning!

Have you found the sign of Victor Hugo‘s passing? He engraved in these walls, his first name as well as that of Juliette Drouet, his companion in one of the rooms of the dungeon in 1835!

Exit the Dungeon, walk along the moat and extend your walk in the Arboretumdeveloped in the park in 1998. It offers a green setting leading you from the apple orchard in the former bishops’ garden, to the vineyard reminiscent of the local winegrowing heritage through the garden ofaromatic plants.

We whisper to you

our secrets

A perfect picnic spot, children will be able to run around and have fun in the castle grounds and arboretum.

It’s time to taste our local products! In Aperitif, picnic or snack mode, stop by from the Tourist Office store!

Think of your sketchbookto immortalize your escape or outdoor games to share fun moments and laughter with your loved ones!

The site lends itself perfectly to this!


Download the “Around the Septmonts Dungeon”

walk sheet

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Ideal with children of all ages

You oxygenate yourself!

You create memories as a family!