Vases < Archaeology room < Saint-Leger Museum < SoissonsVases < Archaeology room < Saint-Leger Museum < Soissons
©Vases < Archaeology room < Saint-Leger Museum < Soissons|Benjamin Galloux
Carlo's notebook to discover the museum of Soissons

in family

You’re in a museum: take your time and look around.

But be careful! The objects are fragile!

Carlo, a character from the museum's discovery booklet

Fun visit for kids: Carlo’s notebooks

How to enjoy the museum as a family?

Unfortunately, kids rarely jump for joy when we suggest a Museum getaway!”

Now, in Soissons, we’ve found an unstoppable solution so that in the end, it’s your kids who insist on visiting its superb collections. Want our secret?



A unique experience!

Carlo, that’s his first name. This little owl will guide your children from 9 to 12 years old through the Archaeology Departmentof the Soissons Municipal Museum.

Through his notebook, go back to the Neolithic and solve simple riddles with your children that will allow everyone to learn about the history of man in the Aisne Valley.


Thanks to Carlo’s notebook, young and old alike will get caught up in the game and be impressed with the incredible wealth of the GrandSoissons and the Aisne Valley. Flint, pottery, statues, jewelry, or even weapons, these objects will no longer have any secrets for you!

This medium is the ideal way to discover the history of the territory in a fun way, taking the time to observe the exceptional collections of the Soissons Museum.

The eye of the visitor

The museum’s collections are impressive, with several master paintings, such as Courbet, Pellegrini, etc. A room dedicated to local history is also worth a visit! You will not be able to stop at the part of the museum devoted to archaeology!

The room of local history is particularly interesting… You will find there, moreover, the bust that is the subject of the riddles of Carlo’s notebook!”