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A playful space for young and oldThe lake baths
In the family

The lake baths: a playful space for young and old

Are you looking for a space that offers you both the possibility to spend a good time with your family while enjoying the coolness, so precious in summer? We have the ideal solution for you!

Les Bains du Lac offer you, in the pool hall, a playful space of more than 450 m2 that will allow the little ones as well as the grown-ups to have a great time!

By Raphaëlle

Lover of thrills and leisure activities of all kinds, Raphaëlle whispers you her good plans to live the GrandSoissons to the fullest! If you want to know "the place to be" it's her !

The intrepid party girl
  • Have fun with friends and family!
  • Discover the little corners of paradise
  • Nature and old stones
Feet in the water

at the Llac Baths

In this huge hall, let yourself be carried along by the waves and enjoy a moment of family sharing in the heart of one of the most beautiful aquatic spaces in France.

With an unobstructed view of the lake that stretches below the complex, enjoy the whirlpools, water jets, and other leisure activities that will delight your children!

For the intrepid, all to the pentagliss! Thanks to its four lanes, challenge yourself with friends or family and be the first to slide down the 30-meter slope and reach the finish below! Sensations guaranteed!

For more sensations and fun, know that the water is occasionally colored according to the news and the calendar. Do not hesitate to inquire to try the experience!

Access to the fun area will also allow you to enjoy access to the 25-square-meter sports pool, in which you can do a few lengths in one of its 10 lanes!”

We whisper to you

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It is well known that aquatic trips make you hungry! We have the solution for you! The aquatic complex houses a catering area in its building that will allow you to extend the fun by sharing a bagel, a salad, a sandwich, or even a good fruit juice!

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Ideal with children

Food and beverage area on site!

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