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Share laughter with your familyAdventure at Coupaville Park
Share some laughs with your family!

Adventure at Coupaville Park

As soon as they arrive in the park, children don’t know where to turn! Games everywhere, lots of colors and large spaces to run around freely. For parents, no worries, because the space is totally enclosed. The little ones can come and go, move from one game to another without worrying!

By Raphaëlle

Raphaëlle is a thrill-seeker and a lover of all kinds of leisure activities. She whispers to you her good plans to live the Grand-Soissons to the fullest! To know "the place top be", it's her !

The intrepid party girl!
  • Have fun with friends and family
  • Discover the little corners of paradise
  • Nature and old stones
Fall back into childhood

with your pets

Direction to Picardy Games. One of the favorite spaces for our little ones! They love to try their hand at frog play, marble pull-up, or break their record at target shuffleboard. Challenge the parents, that too is a challenge they don’t take lightly. To do this, try the Coupaville challenges. Compete in sports, agility and skill tests. They are more than motivated and develop their ability to surpass themselves. How proud they are when they do better than you!

As a parent, you will surely love the giant board games. Fall right back into childhood and relive moments of laughter and sharing like when you were little with cousins and siblings.

The giant Mikado or Power 4 call for rediscovering your childlike soul.

Teach them

to fish!

All the equipment is provided: a rod, the can of fresh worms that wriggle, but also the fishing net to harvest your catch. All you have to do is arm yourself with a little patience to see the little ones’ eyes shine when they reel in their first fish! A real treat.

Reassure your toddlers, you’re not going to eat your catch, but release it back into its natural space for other kids to try their hand at fishing.

Enter the bubble

hustle and goal!

Come feel the ball and discover soccer in a different way!

The Bubble is much more than football! At 5 against 5, protected in transparent bubbles, going from the head to the knees, the sensations are radically different!

Usually shoving each other in soccer is not really allowed but with Bubble Foot, no more crying to hurt your opponents. On the contrary it’s even the most fun! You’re guaranteed to laugh out loud just watching your opponents roll on the ground and twist around to get back on their feet! Laughs guaranteed!

Laser game


For parents with teens, there’s nothing like laser tag! In outside that changes! With many hiding places and parts adapted to different audiences, the park of Coupaville offers a playground, confrontation, fun and unusual.

Why is it nice?

Ideal with children

Bring your picnic, it’s allowed!

Perfect for a breath of fresh air!