Déambulatoire du chœur < Cathédrale Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais < Soissons
©Déambulatoire du chœur < Cathédrale Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais < Soissons|Sylvain Cambon
Follow the fleur-de-lis!

The strolling circuit

Sleeping is a science: it is the gastronomy of the eye

Honoré de Balzac

The strolling tour

A walking tour to discover the city.

In a few words!

Remonize the time of surveying the streets of the heart of Soissons city. Follow the lily flowers placed on the ground, which will guide you from antiquity to today through the streets of Soissons.


Your tour

Do you only have a few hours to visit Soissons and still want to discover the city as a whole on a sunny day? Here’s the tour for you!”

Starting at Place Fernand Marquigny, pick up your tour guide at the Tourist Office and then begin with the unmissable episode of the Vase de Soissons, immortalized on the base of the war memorial.

Then go through all the eras as well as the many defining moments of the city’s history at the mercy of the buildings and monuments you will encounter.

The Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais cathedral, the Saint-Jean-des-Vignes abbey, the Saint-Léger museum, the Middle Ages, the 1920s and the reconstruction, the Antiquity with the castrum, nothing will escape you!

You will, for sure, become incomprehensible on the history of Soissons and will not fail to tell your entourage that here, there is not only the Vase!”

The eye of the visitor

This discovery trail is organized in two loops crossing in front of the Tourist Office. Ideal to take a break halfway through and find the best place to eat before setting off again on the right foot for an afternoon of discovery!