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There is not only the vase...

key memories

The “flagship souvenir” store at GrandSoissons

Tote bag,


Soissons Beach Club products

Leave with your “Salut ça vase” Tote bag, a T-Shirt with Clovis diverted or Soissons as Capital among others!

A nice nod to the history of the City of Vase!

→The tote bag : 10€

→The T-shirt : 23€

→The baby onesie: 15€




The parts of

La Monnaie de Paris

The Paris Mint Coins

-St. Jean-des-Vignes Abbey

-Clovis and the Vase

-100 Years of the Legion of Honor for the City of Soissons

→ The Paris Mint Coin: 2€



The workshop of

the turret

Ceramic vases

A nice nod to the Soissons vase! Handcrafted by the Ressons-le-Long-based atelier la Tourelle, these original creations recall the famous legend and part of the history of Soissons.

→ Ceramic vase: 5,20€

Life is beautiful, especially in Soissons

The mug

The must-have souvenir mug from Soissons

You won’t be able to do without it for your morning coffee and 4pm tea break relaxation anymore!

→ The mug : 12,90€

The storage space

of Gien

Soissons’ effigy pocket divider

→ The pocket divider: 14,90€

Practical, 2 in 1

the key ring bottle opener

The souvenir bottle opener keychain

→The keychain: €4.50



A book, a story

Discover a beautiful collection of books on the great History and the “little stories” of the Soissonnais.

From the Art Deco and post-war rebuilds, to the beautiful photos on Soissons of yesterday and today, to children’s books on the history of Clovis or even Joan of Arc, leave with the theme “that speaks to you the most”!

→ Instants de Saint-Jean: 18€

→ Little Bean Treatise: 14,50€

→ Mon pays le Soissonnais : 15€

→ BD Anne Morgan : 19€

→ Art Deco churches and bell towers of the Aisne: 14€

→ Clovis children’s book: 5€

→ Children’s book Joan of Arc : 5€

→ Children’s book Charlemagne : 5€






GrandSoissons Tourist Office


16, place Fernand Marquigny (place du marché) – 02200 SOISSONS

03 23 53 17 37

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