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local products

Local products of the Soissonnais Valois

The gardens of Pontarcher and

The agricultural cooperative of the Haricot de Soissons

Soissons Beans, savory versions

Marinated for the aperitif, piperade flavors, Provençal…, dry or pre-cooked and even in candy!

→Aperico: 4,80€

→Dried Soissons Beans (250gr): 6,10€

→Dried Soissons Beans (500gr) : 10,20€

→Cooked Soissons beans (38cl): 4,50€

→Cooked Soissons beans (72cl) : 7,50€




Levasseur and

Mary's gardens

Soissons Bean, sweet versions

Discover Soissons Bean in jam! Yes, yes, in jam! Marie Maryns of Les Jardins de Marie concocted this original recipe that sublimates the flavor of the bean. Its little sweet tasteand its texture are ideal to accompany your breakfast. On a fresh brioche, we love it!”

Levasseur Confectionery offers the bon haricot! Flaky/praline, its shape pays homage to the famous legume!”

→Bean jam (230gr): 6,90€

→Bean candy (200gr): 6€

The farm of

de Léchelle

Flour from Léchelle Farm

Ideal with kids!

From a reasoned agriculturee, thanks to Ferme de Léchelle located in Berzy-le-Sec, these tasty mixes will allow you to easily make, yourself, delicious homemade cookies or pancakes!

→Cookie mix (1k): $8

→Pancake mix (1k): $7



Champagne Batillot & Fils

The Clovis vintage

Champagne, the Clovis Cuvée

Clovis is coming to our champagne glasses ! Reserve the Clovis cuvée with us now. The Cellar Batillot Champagne & Fils has bottled a special cuvee named after the former king of the Franks! Don’t hesitate to also discover the cuvée Clotilde, a subtle pink champagne.
We offer these boxes, to offer for the holidays or to taste at your table to surprise and delight your guests

→The Clovis cuvée (75cl) : 30€

→The cuvée Clotilde (75cl): 25€

→The magnum cuvée Clovis (1.5L): 75€

The Grizdal and

the Karadoc

Our craft breweries

Fans or simple craft beer lovers, don’t hesitate to taste our local beers! Discoveries rich in taste! The cervoise Karadoc or the beer Grizdal are made in micro craft breweries near Soissons by passionate Renaud and Jean-Louis.

→ La Karadoc (33cl): 2,90€

→ Pack of 3 Karadoc beers : 8€

→ La Grizdal (50cl): 3,90€



The honey

of Emmanuel

Emmanuel Cousin’s honey

Harvested on the territory of GrandSoissons, these honeys with delicate flavors can be enjoyed at all gourmet breaks!

Acacia honey, Alfalfa honey, Linden honey… a beautiful range for all lovers of this nectar!

→Pot of 250gr: 5,50€

→Pot of 500gr: 8€

→Pot of 1Kg: 14€

The pasta of

The Factory

Les savoureux pâtes de la Fabrique

Sourced from flours from sustainable agriculture in the fields of Hauts-de-France, these pastas are handcrafted in the Aisne.

Children will love them!

→ The surprising ones (original flours): 4,20€

→ The genuine ones (wheat flours): 3,40€


poultry of the Ourcq

Ratafia chicken rillettes

Came from the farm’s poultry, these rillettes are made with chicken and duck fat.

The touch of ratafia will whet your appetite!

→ Jar of ratafia chicken rillettes: 5,20€

Gaec Manscourt

Taste of Rate

The strawberry in all its states!

→ Strawberry Bubbles (1L) : 9,90€

→ Strawberry Nectar, Mara des bois (1L) : 5,50€

→ Strawberry Nectar, Mara des bois (25cl): 2,50€

→ Jam: 3,50€


saffron of Retz

The saffron of Retz, a small flower with exotic flavors

On the outskirts of the high forests of the forest of Retz, on a land where it was not expected, grows a small flower amazing with exotic flavors: the crocus. In its heart of small glowing filaments with the flavor of the Orient. They are harvested in October and adorn both savory and sweet dishes.

→ Retz saffron: 7€

Alexis Couvreur

Missy's Flower

Rape Seed Oil

With a neutral taste when refined, rape seed oil has a very pronounced taste when it is virgin, meaning simply pressed at room temperature and then decanted. This is the method Alexis Couvreur chose. “We prioritize the taste and quality of the product over yield, which is why you won’t find any comparable industrial product!

→ Rapeseed Oil (75cl): 6,80€


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