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Gift Boxes

So carefully crafted, these “100% Made In ici”will surely amaze your loved ones! For the pleasure of giving pleasure, we offer local flavors for all palates and budgets!


Four ranges of boxes are available in the store.

La Clotilde (65€) :

1 bottle of champagne – cuvée Clovis Cave Batillot & Fils, 1 strawberry nectar – Gaec Manscourt, 1 bottle of rapeseed oil – Fleur de Missy, 1 saffron of Retz, 1 package of chocolates-Cornet Port Royal.


The Clovis (20€):

1 packet la Chips Française, 1 Grizdal craft beer, 1 jar of chicken rillettes with ratafia-the Volailles de l’Ourcq, 1 strawberry nectar-Gaec Manscourt, 1 Apérico-the Coopérative Agricole du Haricot de Soissons.


The Medard (15€):

1 apple juice-pickup from Mont Plaisir, 1 pancake mix-the Léchelle farm, 1 strawberry jam-Gaec Manscourt, 1 children’s book (Clovis, Joan of Arc or Charlemagne).


The Brief (13€):

1 pack la Chips Française, 1 Apérico, 1 Grizdal craft beer, 1 Karadoc beer

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Themed staycation gift cards

Looking for an original gift for your significant other or to please your loved ones, we offer short staycationsto get together with family, friends and lovers and share unforgettable memories.


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